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Q750: Can 6 roza of shawwal and qaza of RAMADHAN be combined in one niyyah?


What is the ruling regarding the 6 fasts of shawwal? I missed 6 rozas in RAMADHAN due to period. Can I make both intentions together?



Walaikumussalam w w

Majority of the fuqahaa say that the 6 fasts of shawwal are mustahabb. This is due to the Hadith of Saheeh Muslim
“Whosoever fasts RAMADHAN and then follows it with 6 in shawwal, it will be as though he fasted for the whole year”. This is because Allah multiplies one good deed 10 times, so 36 will be rewarded with 360.

No, you would not be allowed to make both intentions in one roza. Qaza is fardh which can be kept at any time of the year. The 6 are mustahabb and they can only be kept in shawwal. It’s like combining the 4 sunnats and 4 fardh of zuhr in one niyyah. They are both separate so you can’t join them together.

Wallahu a’alam wassalam

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