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Q761: Qayloola and Charity


AWW Shaykh

1. How long should Kaylula be?

2. Can we use initials for inshaallah, mashaallah, salaaams, Jazakallah, Sallallahu alayhi wasallam etc such as I.A., M.A., AWW, Jzk, S.A.W. or should we write it in full?

3. If we give charity (in a non muslim charity), can it be counted as sadaqah?

Jazakallah. May allah reward you abundantly…ameen. Make dua for me as well


1, I don’t know of any specific amount of time for qayloola. However, the aim of qayloola is to get enough rest which can help in getting up early for tahajjud. This varies according to different persons. So whatever time is enough for you, will be sufficient for the fulfilment of the sunnah.

2, Mufti Abdul Rahim lajpoori rahmatullahi alayhi has written in his fatawa that these abbreviations should be avoided and full words should be used.

3, Yes, Sadaqae naafilah can be given to non Muslim charities. The amount of thawab depends on the intention with which the sadaqa is given and the need in which it is given. Helping in huge disasters brings more reward.

May Allah take care of you and fulfil all your needs. Wassalam

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