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Q771: working for a consultation firm


Assalmualykum Molana,

I hope you are doing well by the grace of Allah.

I had a question regarding a potential employment. The company is a consulting firm and the position is that of a technical consultant, however the majority of their clients are banks and other companies within the financial sector.

The software that I would be manipulating for them is a risk-management solution. It uncovers networks of suspicious behavior by identifying and scoring networks of customers and accounts across an organisation’s complete portfolio of products and brands.

The main responsibilities are:

• Derive intelligence from high volume customer data
• Deploying enterprise solutions within blue chip clients
• Applying and developing leading edge analytical methods, such as data mining and social network analysis
• Delivering high quality work to meet client expectations and project deadlines.
• Adhering to and enhancing software development approaches and methodologies

From what I understand, I think that this type of job would be permissible however I wanted to make sure.



Walaikumussalm w w

Alhamdulillah I am fine. Good to hear from you.

Yes you are right. It’s allowed. You would be protecting your company and helping people to pay less interest.

Salams to everyone at home.

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