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Q800: Please provide transliteration of dua

Dear Shaykh Abdur Raheem,

Assalamualaikum w w

I had been visiting your website and found it very informative.
I read one dua you had provided but as I am naive to Arabic, it was difficult to read the dua without zair and zabar or tashdeed. Please reply with mentioning the duas on this page:

Q515: Help and Dua to combat the effects of masturbation

Your earliest response would be highly appreciable.

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Walaikussalaam w w

Jazakallah for visiting the site. May Allah benefit you more. Our team will also get reward each time you visit.

I had no facility to put the zabar zer on. Plus reading the English translation would be enough as well. In fact reading in English would be more beneficial, because you would read it while understanding the meaning and you would be more focused. It’s not like Salah where you have to read in Arabic.

So just read the English words.
May Allah take care of you and fulfil Allah your needs.

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