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Q801: Can we do Zikr without concentration?


Dhikr should be performed throughout the day. However, can verbal dhikr be performed while engaged in other activities? The common understanding is that when you perform two things simultaneously, you will do neither at full capacity. Given this notion, is it better to perform dhikr while you are undistracted by other activities?


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Walaikumussalam w w

As with everything else like studying, reading, writing etc, when we are focused we do it properly and when it’s done without total concentration we make mistakes and do not derive the full benefit.

Similar is the case of zikrullah. To attain maximum benefit we should do it with total concentration. However, that does not mean that we should abandon it when we are not focused.

In Urdu they say “phool nahi to phool ka patta saheeh” ie if we can’t get the flower then at least catch the leaves.

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  1. servantofAllah

    Hadhrat Shaikh Zakariya Ra has written in Aap Beeti:

    “There is a saying of Hazrat which I had not heard myself but I have heard my father and my uncle say many times, which I will quote a bit later. Whenever Hazrat came from his house after having had his meal at home, his attendants walked behind him to the Khanqah. When Hazrat had reached his sehdari room, they went to their own sitting places. It was a general practice that when Hazrat went home to have his meals, a few of them would silently follow him to the house. No one took him by the hand. he always had a walking stick and used to walk without leaning on it. Those attendants who accompanied him to his house would wait outside till he finieshed and came out again. then they would again follow him to the Khanqah and then they went their own ways.
    Once as Hazrat entered his sehdari room, they left. Standing at the door of the sehdari room of the Khanqah, Hazrat asked: “Is anyone there?””
    My father replied: “Hazrat, Yahya and Ilyaas are here.”
    Hazrat said:

    “No matter how unmindfully a person mentions Allah’s Name, it does not go without effect.”

    Page 314-315


    Jazakallah for that addition

  2. Muhammad

    Asalamualaykum Shaykh,

    For about a year now I have been trying to practice constant zikr and find it difficult. The difficulty arises when I try and do two things at the same time. Should I only do zikr when I am not multitasking, or should I bear through the difficulty? Any words of advice would be appreciated.


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    Walaikumussalsm w w

    Zikrullah should be done with total concentration. Only then can one derive maximum benefit. This why the best time of Zikr is after fajr and after asr.

    However, if your life is extremely busy and you struggle to fix times for Zikr, then do it however you can. Something is better than nothing.

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