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Q825: Is my Uncle’s Wife's Counted as A Mahram or Ghair Mahram?


Assalamualyakum Sheikh,

Quick question. Is my uncle’s wife’s counted as a mahram or ghair mahram. She’s my auntie. My auntie passed away recently and I don’t know if I’m regarded as a mahram or ghair mahram. Bearing in mind she’s been my auntie from the day I was born. And she’s like a mother to me. So what is the ruling could I look at her face or not?



She is a Ghair Mahram to you. because Islamically, marriage among you is permitted. However her pardah from you will not be as strict as with others. This is because she is old and there is some flexibility for the old ladies not to cover themselves with the outer cloak (Surah Noor).

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