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Q839: University loan???

Salam Walikum Dear brother,

I recently found out that the Student finance of England will charge me interest for my tuition fees. I asked loads of brothers about this and they all gave me different answers.

Some brothers are telling me “its okay to pay interest if you are using for education…”

Some brothers are telling me “its okay for you to pay interest if you got no other way”

Other brothers are telling me “no matter what, interest is against Islam”. So brothers can you please help me.

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Walaikumussalam w w

The general rule with regards to interest is that it is Haraam. There are many grave warnings in the Ahaadith with regards to involvement in dealings based on usury.

On the other hand, in this day and age, it is very important that a Muslim goes to university to attain a higher education so he can contribute towards the progress of Muslims and contribute towards humanity as a whole. He can also live his life and earn for his family without spreading his hands out in front of others.

As for tuition fees, one should first try his hardest to get a scholarship or a grant.

If that is not possible then he should try his hardest to get a private, interest free loan from one’s family, friends, or relatives.

If this is not possible, one could maybe take a gap year and work so that he can afford to pay for his tuition fees himself.

Even if this is not possible, then because education is a necessity, some Ulema under the ruling, “Necessity legalizes the prohibited,” have given permission for one to take a student loan.

Having said that, one should have a part time job alongside with his education, so that he can pay off his student loan as soon as possible, which can potentially save him from paying interest.

If one does under necessity take a student loan, he should at the same time seek forgiveness from Allah swt.

And Allah is All Knowing

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