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Q846: Should we read Quran with transition or is it ok to read without translation?


Is it more rewarding to read one page of Quran with its translation, or to read two pages of Quran with only its arabic text?

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It is important to recite the Holy Quran and equally important to understand the Holy Quran. However, recitation is an everyday issue and it’s for those who understand Arabic as well as for those who do not understand it. Recitation is the Haq of the Quran.

One should Not endeavor to understand the Holy Quran on their own. Rather, we should try to understand it under the guidance of a qualified scholar.

Therefore, you should set a target for yourself everyday, that this is how much Quran you will recite, And recite it.

And then to understand the Quran, get in contact with a qualified scholar and learn tafseer from them.

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  1. Haroon

    Assalamualaykum Mufti Limbada

    Are all ulema(including someone who has just graduated from a six-year alim class) qualified to teach tafseer? Or do they do need to be specialists?

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