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Q847: What is the wisdom behind raising Isa alayhissalam and not any other prophet?

A non-Muslim posed the question why god chose to raise Jesus (pbuh) to the heavens instead of the other prophets. What makes him so special?

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Our limited intellect cannot comprehend the wisdom behind Allah’s amazing and mysterious works. Allah knows best the reason for that.

However, Allamah Shabbir Ahmed usmani has mentioned in Fathul Mulhim that one of the reasons of Isa alayhissalam being raised and then sent down before qiyamah is to confront and finish off Dajjal.

Dajjal will be the leader of that community which slandered Isa alayhissalam and his mother, and who had claimed to have murdered Isa alayhissalam.

So Isa alayhissalam was raised, kept in the heavens and he will be sent down to refute their claim, show his innocence, and show that he was not murdered rather he was raised, kept alive and now sent to fulfil this huge task of killing dajjal, the leader if that community.

Allah knows best

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  1. abdullah

    might be good idea to mention the tafsir of Hadhrat Ml AbdulGhani Nabilisi RA of the Aayah, fa tamathala laha basharan sawiyya

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