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Q852: I drive a taxi and I have to carry passengers with their shopping bags which have alcohol. Is my income halal?

Salaam alaiykom
Dear Respected Shaykh,
I drive a taxi as a job. I pick up customers from super markets who have alcohol in their shopping. Will I be held responsible in any way for transporting alcohol on the Day of Qiyamah?

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Walaikumussalam w w

Your job is that of a quli. You get paid for transporting a person from A to B. what he carries in the bags is his business, you will not be held to account for what he was carrying. Even if you were to help him load or unload from the car, you will not be held responsible.

There are many juz’iyaat regarding this in kitabul ijaarah of the Fiqhi books. So don’t worry. Earn your livelihood with confidence. It’s hard as it is to find jobs these days. May Allah give you Barkat in your Rizq and may Allah reward you for your taqwa.

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