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Q859: Can I insert a catheter during fast?

Assalumu alaikum Maulana,

I hope you are well and in the best of health.

I have a question regarding the use of intermittent catheters during fasting. I have recently had an operation done in order remove a urethral stricture and i am required to use an intermittent catheter 3 times a week in order to drain the bladder. With Ramadan approaching soon, I wanted to find out whether or not the use of these catheters would break the fast.

Also, I would like your advice on the basis that due to the operation, I am required to drink 2 liters of water daily. Therefore, I am questioning whether or not to fast. If my doctor informs me not to fast, then would this be a valid reason to miss fast. I understand that with the inability to fast, the person must offer fidya.


P.S I know you are very busy, so I will be than happy with a short answer

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Walaikumussalam w w

If a man uses catheter during fast, his fast will not break. This is because the catheter does not go inside the belly, the mathana (bladder) provides a barrier from reaching inside. This is the view of imam Abu Hanifa and imam Muhammad. Fataawa hindiyyah states that the fatwa is upon this qawl.

However, if a woman uses a catheter, her fast will break because their is no barrier to prevent the catheter from penetrating into the stomach, and the catheter is normally liquidated to ease the insertion, so a foreign body enters the stomach and breaks the roza. (Masaaile Roza, Ml Raf’at Qasimi p115)

As for the drinking of water, there are still 2 months left for Ramadhan. Inshallah you’ll be ok by then. Make an intention to keep roza and try for the first few days then decide. May Allah make everything easy for you.

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    Assalamualaykum v.v. May ALLAH Give u good health n take more and more hidmat of DIN-E-ISLAM. I would like ask about HOMOEOPATHIC Medicine. IS IT TAKEN? it preparaid from many Different part of ANIMAL, like milk,salivation,poison and more. More important thing, all medicines are mixed with one type alcohol


    Walaikumussalam w w

    I don’t use it nor would I recommend it. The reason is exactly what you have mentioned

    My Ustad shaykh Yunus mentioned that poison of snakes and milk of bitch is used in many of these medicines,
    So why use it when we have alternatives

  2. Ali Asghar Shah

    Salamunalaykum Shaykh,

    Does using Anti-Rabies vacine which now is used on the arm like any normal tetnus shot. Would it break the fast. The injection is intra -Muscular as as per new protocol used on the arms and not stomach.

    Waiting for your answer and since it is the blessed month of Ramadan. Shaykh do remember us in your duas.


    ‘Ali Shah

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