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Q860: Shia's distorting of a Qurani ayat.

1. My Shia friends saye that ayat no 67 of sura maida revealed on our holy prophet Muhmmd pbuh about hazrat Ali r.a during his last haj and after that the holy prophet declared { mun kuntum maola fa haza Ali maola) .

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Why do you make friendship with the Shias? Do you not know that it is the only religion which says that a person gets sawab upon lying? Taqiyyah means to lie about religion and it is an act of virtue according to their seniors.

Read the translation of the 67th ayat and decide for yourself.

Here it is “O Rasul! Deliver whatever is revealed to you from your Rabb. And if you don’t do so, you haven’t delivered His message (as you should) and Allah will protect you from people. Surely Allah does not guide the kafir qawm”

Where does it mention that Ali is mawla? Nowhere in the tafseer do we find what the Shias mention. The Shias make up their own tafseers. We can give plenty if examples for that. Study for yourself and you will find out.

So stay well away from the Shias and if you have some study colleagues, don’t discuss deeni matters with them.

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  1. Ali Asghar Shah

    Salaamunalaykum Shaykh,

    While surfing your website this question came in my sight. You have very rightly stated that one should not make friends with Ahle hawa/bidah.

    This Ayah was reveleaed on the day of Arafah at the time of Hajjatul Wida and not at Ghadir e Khumm as the shias assert.

    If you read the sound and as wel as lesser degree sound traditions from the books of Hadith you will find that this Ayah was reveleaed on Arafa, because the shia state that the Ayah This day have we perfected your deen for you was subsequently revealed when this declaration of Man Kunto Mawla was made.

    Jews came and asked Sayyidina Umar Farooq r.a about the ayah when the deen became complete that they will take it as a day of eid had it been reveleaed in their community and Hazrat Umar Farooq r.a stated i know when this ayah was revealed and stated it to be on the day of Arafah.

    The interpretation of shia has no basis and yes Man Kunto Mawla hadith is also Sahih but no Ayah of Quran was revealed for it for Prophet saws emphasised the importance of loving Sayyidina Ali r.a and his Ahle bayt r.anhuma.

    Just before this and before Hajjatul Wida Sayyidina Ali r.a was in Yemen and their his rulings had develped some rifts amidst some people towards ‘Ali r.a.

    So Prophet saws saw it befit to make this delcaration to end this rumor and not commit this sin of hating or having misgivings against ‘Ali R.a

    Maula as per shia means Khalifa and this is far fetched from the understanding of Salaf e Salihin . Had it been so could it be imagined that 100,000 of Sahaba r.a would not have acted on this command as they had all done things even greater than this for the cause of Islam by Obeying Prophet saws. Among them were those on whom Allah say “Allah is well pleased with them”. Muhajirun and Ansaar were called Jannati by Quran and Sahih Hadiths. Among them were Badri Sahabis, among them were Asharah Mubasharah, They were the best generation as Allah has described them. They conveyed the Deen, the Quran and Sunnah and explained it to the Ummah across the world.

    So Would Hazrat Ali r.a have had let the command of Prophet Muhammad saws remain unfulfilled. This would be a defect on his part but far removed is ‘Ali r.a and all the Sahabas r.a from the blames of ‘Shia.

    May Allah guide them and their books are full of fitan and are like poison, they harm the Iman and bring Allah’s displeasure.

    Ahle bayt r.a have nothing to do with shia like Musa a.s and Isa a.s have nothing to do with Yahuda wa Nasara.

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