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Q863: Why did Rasulullah (saw) contemplate suicide at Beginning of wahy?

As Salaamu Alaikum,

If someone claims that Nabi(SAW) contemplated suicide or that Bukhari is not Saheeh based on the below Hadith, what should be our response?

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Answer: The Hadith of Bukhari is definitely saheeh. There are no fabricated or weak ahadeeth in saheeh bukhari.

First, The intention of a sin does not necessarily make it a sin. In a saheeh Hadith Qudsi, Allah (swt) says: “When my slave intends to sin, don’t write it. If he commits it, write it as just one sin. If he intends to do good, write it as one good deed, if he does it, write it as ten good deeds”

In fact in another Hadith, it is mentioned that “If he leaves the sin (due to fear of Allah), then write it as a good deed. Because he left it for my sake”

So first thing is to clear your mind that Rasulullah never committed any sin. Only the thought came to his mind.

Then we need to understand the reason for that contemplation.
We have to remember that this was happening right at the beginning of wahy. He was blessed with nubuwwat. Jibreel (as) had hugged and pressed him so hard that he had feared for his life. Then Jibreel (as) had stopped coming for a few days. This was all happening so fast. And we have to remember that after all he was human.

Plus, he was blessed with kayfiyyat of such high level that he was actually experiencing a feeling of ecstasy. We cannot describe in words what he was going through. Eg. You can console a person who is severely ill and is going through an agony, but you can’t understand his inner feelings. Similarly, Khadija (rad) and Waraqah could only console him with words of comfort, but they could never have comprehended his inner feelings.

He began to miss Jibreel (as) he wanted Jibreel (as) to visit again and again, with more of that wahy. So he went to the mountain and this thought came to his mind. Suddenly Jibreel (as) was there to console him. As soon as Jibreel (as) said: “O Muhammed! You are Allah’s Rasul in truth” These words calmed him down and he stopped. Perhaps he will get sawab for refraining from the sin.

If he really wanted to, he could have thrown himself from the cave of hira at the first instance. Those who have climbed up there, say that it’s very steep and very scary up there. Rasulullah (saw) used to go there even after receiving prophethood. So he could have done that later on as well.

When things had settled down and he started inviting people to Allah and wahy started with josh (intensity), he never got those thoughts. In fact he was the bravest person in confronting the troublemakers, the rejectors, and the oppressors.

So keep your mind clear and be steadfast in your love for your nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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  1. Pabel

    Salaam ‘aleikum Mufti sab. Was this contemplation from Rasulullah sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam’s nafs? I am a bit confused as to where this thought came to him from.


    The explanation I’ve given should be sufficent. Read it again.

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