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Q871: A student addicted to zina

A detailed question regarding a student’s addiction to Zina was mentioned

Here is the answer

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My dear friend, I am very hurt to hear about your situation. I pray that Allah Ta’ala strengthens your resolve and gives you the ability to put an end to this sin.

Firstly, I am pleased that you have come to ask us; you should never suffer in silence, especially when your addiction is so great.

You must first make a complete and sincere tawba to Allah Ta’ala and beg Him for His forgiveness. Shed many tears and admit your guilt to Him. This is the most important thing which you must do, we have to say sorry to Allah Ta’ala for all of our transgressions.

Secondly, you must make a firm intention not to ever go back to such places. You have mentioned that you have fallen in all forms of zina. This is because of the environment that you are living in; pornography and naked women are all far too accessible for you.

If a person has £100 in his pocket, he will feel the need to spend it immediately but if he locks it in the bank, it will remain untouched. Similarly, if all these filthy things are easily accessible, you will fall into them. You must take yourself away from this environment and keep all this filth locked away, never to be opened!

You have to make a good strong intention and Allah Ta’ala will definitely help you.

Thirdly, you should get married as soon as possible. Don’t worry about such thoughts of cheating. This is all from Shaytan. Your potential wife knows your situation and so she will try her best to cater for you. If you have implemented my first two advices, then your marriage will become a fresh start for you inshallah.

Fourthly, you should become bay’ah to a shaykh who you are comfortable with and relate to him. He will be able to guide you and help you overcome your desires.

Please read a book written by my dear friend mawlana Abdus Subhan named, ‘When Desire Takes Over (part 1 & 2). This will help you with your situation inshallah. (It’s available from Azhar academy, London)

May Allah Ta’ala forgive you, protect you and grant you a blessed married life. Ameen.

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  1. Anonymous

    Assalamo’alaykum Mwl,
    If one is in such situation, would one have to reveal one’s problems to a potential spouse ?

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    Two things here;

    1, Not revealing for fear of shame, so this is ok as ‘modesty is part of Iman’

    2, Deception, hiding important facts in order to deceive the other person. This would be wrong

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