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Q921 Husband cannot lower his gaze

Q. What can I do for my husband, I can’t take it anymore. He just can’t lower his gaze when he sees an attractive woman with tightly clad clothing. Is there a dua maybe that I can recite for him as it hurts me a lot?

A.  We are perturbed by your predicament. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you. There is no dua or medication that can wish this problem away. This is a common spiritual illness that needs courage, determination and strong will to rectify. 
Your husband must first be able to acknowledge his problem and accept that he needs help to remedy it. Thereafter, sincere repentance, istighfar, keeping good company and consultation with a pious Alim, regular zikr and perhaps leveraging some form of penalty if a mistake is made are some of the ways in which he may be able to overcome the problem. 
Together with that regular dua must be made to Allah Ta’ala for guidance to be cured of this predicament.
From your side you need to be wary of belittling and ridiculing him for the problem as this may serve to ‘distance’ him from you. Be patient and supportive and play the role of a ‘silent’ mentor. Place your trust in Allah Ta’ala to overcome this challenge.
May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you to help your husband and guide him and us to righteousness.
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