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Q923 How to perform wudhu with a fungal infection or wound etc?

As I’ve got fungus on 3 of my left toes, I’m doing the treatment for it, I apply the fluid in the morning and then wear my kufs but now as it’s too hot I can’t wear them.

So can I wash my feet fully in the morning wudu and then any further wudus for the rest of the day I leave the toes?


If the nail is broken and you apply medicine or mastic on it, or you put on mararah or a maraham (Marham is some type of cream which is applied to a wound, mararah seems to be a bitter fluid which has antiseptic properties acquired. lisanul arab ) if it is difficult to remove (whatever he has applied from the above) then you should wipe over it, if wiping is harmful then you should leave it.

 والله اعلم
وفي الحديث ان ابن عمر جرح ابهامه فألقمها مرارة وكان يتوضأ عليها

Mufti Ahmed Pirbhai

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