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Q925 ​Zakat on outstanding debts which are unlikely to be paid


My question is re.  Zakah.  Since my marriage I lent my husband money to assist him (my income prior to marriage).  I have kept an account of some if it as, per his request as, it has accumulated to quite a decent amount over the years.  The amount has been stood owed to me for almost 12 years + with no repayment towards it.  I am continually paying zakah on the full amount every year but I do not think I am ever going to get any of it back.

My question is do I continue paying zakah on the full amount lent to him?

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If you have no hope of being paid this amount back then you do not need to pay Zakat on it any more.
وَالْأَصْلُ فِيهِ حَدِيثُ عَلِيٍّ «لَا زَكَاةَ فِي مَالِ الضِّمَارِ» وَهُوَ مَا لَا يُمْكِنُ الِانْتِفَاعُ بِهِ مَعَ بَقَاءِ الْمِلْكِ
وَفِي الْمُحِيطِ عَنْ الْمُنْتَقَى عَنْ مُحَمَّدٍ: لَوْ كَانَ لَهُ دَيْنٌ عَلَى وَالٍ وَهُوَ مُقِرٌّ بِهِ إلَّا أَنَّهُ لَا يُعْطِيهِ وَقَدْ طَالَبَهُ بِبَابِ الْخَلِيفَةِ فَلَمْ يُعْطِهِ فَلَا زَكَاةَ فِيهِ،
(رد المحتار)
See also: Imdadul fatwa page 63 Volume 2

Written by Nu’maan Abdul Rahim

Checked by Mufti Tahir Wadee Sahib

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