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Q&A Session | 14.6.20

Masajid Open Howi Hai, Strict Rules Hai, Kiya Namaz Ghar Mai Parna Jaiz Hoga? | 14.6.20

Sadaqe Naafilah Kis Ko De Sakte Hai? | 14.6.20

Someone Received Zakat & Then Reached Nisab, Can They Accept Zakat Again? | 14.6.20

Zakat Was Given For Half of Medical Treatment, Nisab Value Was Reached, Can I Accept More? | 14.6.20

Blood Donation Ka Kiya Sawaab Hoga? | 14.6.20

Can You Explain The Benefits Of Duroode Taaj? | 14.6.20

A Durud Will Open A Window Between Your Grave & The Grave Of The Prophet, Is this Correct? | 14.6.20

Are We Allowed To Place Or Plant Flowers On Graves? | 14.6.20

Is Saying Jumuah Mubarak Permissible? | 14.6.20

Jumuah Ke Roz Jo Durood 8o Martaba Parha Jata Hai, Kiya Fauran Parna Zuroori Hai? | 14.6.20

Eisi Frame Jis Mai Allah Ka Naam Haw, Mail Order Ke Zaria Mangwaa Sakte Hai? | 14.6.20

Is It O.K To Wear & Produce Printed T-Shirts WIth Allahs Name Or Name of Prophets? | 14.6.20

Is Egg Donation Allowed In IVF Treatment? | 14.6.20

Kiya Maqlooq Ki Taqleeq Ki Koi Timeline Quran Mai Mazkoor Hai? | 14.6.20

What Are The Differences Between The Asharis & Maturidi Schools? | 14.6.20

Is It OK To Read Tahajjud Before Sleeping Or Better To Read It After Getting Some Sleep? | 14.6.20

Certain Things Mentioned In Quran & Hadith Are Shifa But May Not Cure You, Please Explain? | 14.6.20

How Do We Dispose Of Old Quran’s & Islamic Literature? | 14.6.20

A Family Members Has Become Atheist, How Can We Help Them? | 14.6.20

Is Shellac Halal? | 14.6.20

Someone Is In Iddat & Mentally Unstable, What Should They Do? | 14.6.20

I Claimed Gift Aid When Giving To Charity, Is It O.K To Offset This From Your Income? | 14.6.20

Does Fast Break If You Kiss Your Spouse & You See Discharge Clear In Colour? | 14.6.20

Why Do We Say As Salamu Alaikum Instead Of As Salamu Alayka? | 14.6.20

Can Shaykh Teach Maqamatul Hariri For Students Of Arabic? | 14.6.20

Q&A Summary In English | 14.6.20

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