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Q&A Session | 17.5.20

Huzoore Akram S.A.W Ka Eid Ka Khutba Kahi Mankool Hai? Aap S.A.W Kiya Farmaate The? | 17.5.20

Is It Better To Do Wudhu At Home Or In The Masjid? | 17.5.20

Can Children Stand Next To Us In Namaz When Bringing Them To The Masjid? | 17.5.20

Post Operation & Unable To Move In A Hospital Bed, Does One Need To Face Qiblah? | 17.5.20

Is There Zakat On Sadaqah Collection Boxes Kept At Home? | 17.5.20

I Gave Zakat Few Days Ago, Last 2 Months Wages Have Arrived, Is There Zakat On This? | 17.5.20

Parda Karne Waali Khaatoon Mard Ke Saath Kaam Karna Kesa Hai? | 17.5.20

Qur’an Khatm Ke Waqt Ache Rishte Ki Niyyat Kar Sakte Hai? | 17.5.20

What Are Aadaab Of One’s Shaykh? Can You Use A Tasbeeh In Front Of Him? | 17.5.20

Donating £1 On Laylatul Qadr | 17.5.20

Apne Bistar Mai Sehri Karna Kesa Hai? | 17.5.20

Wife Ke Saath Baa Jamat Namaz Parna Kesa Hai? | 17.5.20

Can You Give Me Some Tips For Memorising Qur’an At An Older Age? | 17.5.20

Q&A Summary In English | 17.5.20

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