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Q&A Session | 19.5.20

Is Dua At Eid Done Befor Eid Khutbah Or After? | 19.5.20

Can We Give Zakat Money To Build An Orphanage? | 19.5.20

Should Zakat Be Based On Gold Scrap Value? | 19.5.20

If You Make A Mistake In Taraweeh During A Lengthy Verse, Should We Repeat The Full Verse? | 19.5.20

Is It Permissible To Wear A Handkerchief On One’s Head? | 19.5.20

My Mother Is Unable To Read Qur’an, What Should She Do? | 19.5.20

When Praying Namaz, Some Hair Showed At The Back, Do I Need To Repeat Salah? | 19.5.20

Kiya Miswaak Ko Seeda Rakhna Zaroori Hai? | 19.5.20

In Nafil Namaz, Can You Pray Tasbeehaat In Ruku & Sajdah More Than 5 Or 7 Times? | 19.5.20

Can You Make Your Own Dua In The Sajdah Of Nafil Namaz? | 19.5.20

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