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Q&A Session | 19.7.20

Can I Donate Money To A Food Bank Instead Of Performing Qurbani? | 19.7.20

During Covid, Should We Avoid Qurbani In Order To Prevent Further Spreading Of Infection? | 19.7.20

The Concept Of Qurbani | 19.7.20

Is It Ok To Keep Or Freeze Qurbani Meat At Home? | 19.7.20

Due To Corona, If We Are Unable To Read Eid Namaz, What Shall We Do About Qurbani? | 19.7.20

If Qurbani Is Not Fardh, Is It Still Mustahab To Avoid Cutting Hair & Nails? | 19.7.20

When Replying To Salam, Can We Add ‘Maghfiratuhu’ At The End? | 19.7.20

Can We Use Interest Money To Give To Non Muslim Employees? | 19.7.20

We Lost Money In A Housing Scheme, Can We Claim Compensation? | 19.7.20

Can I Use Water Left On My Palm To Wash A Dry Spot? | 19.7.20

If 3 Separate Talaqs Have Taken Place, Am I Still In Nikah? | 19.7.20

Are Wedding Rings Permissible? | 19.7.20

What Should I Ask A Potential Spouse? | 19.7.20

The Hadith Regarding Dipping The Fly Completely, Do We Take This Literally? | 19.7.20

Is It True That Angels Don’t Enter A Room Wherein A Muslimah Doesn’t Cover Her Hair? | 19.7.20

Why Was The Quran Revealed Slowly? | 19.7.20

Is A Clapping Beat OK To Use When Making A Marketing Video? | 19.7.20

When Writing A Will, If Siblings Are Happy, Can Someone Have More Shares Than Others? | 19.7.20

A Workplace Have Refused For Us To Make Wudhu In The Toilets, What Shall I Do? | 19.7.20

Does Wudhu Break If Hemorrhoids Cream Is Applied & Goes Inside? | 19.7.20

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