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Q&A Session | 22.5.20

I Tried Very Hard To Complete Qur’an During Ramzan But Was Unable To, Will I Be Sinful? | 22.5.20

Qur’an Khatm Kiya Marhoomeen Ke Liye, Kiya Thoora Sa Qur’an Mere Liye Rakhlu? | 22.5.20

Whilst Praying Witr, We Thought We Were Praying Taraweeh, Should I Repeat It? | 22.5.20

I Keep Forgetting What Rak’at I Am Praying During Lockdown, What Should I Do? | 22.5.20

Sadaqah Nikaalne Ke Kuch Adaab Bata Sakte Hai? | 22.5.20

Will I Be Sinful If Reading Qur’an Without Understanding & Pondering Over It? | 22.5.20

How Should The General Public Read The Qur’an With Tadabbur & Contemplation? | 22.5.20

Can You Show Us Practical Methods Of Different Sunnahs? | 22.5.20

How Does One Work Out The Number Of Their Name In Arabic? | 22.5.20

Is It Possible For Laylatul Qadr To Occur On Two Seperate Nights? | 22.5.20

Wife Has Submitted False Claims & Accusations, Is There Any Wazeefa For This? | 22.5.20

Is It Allowed To Split Small Surahs During Namaz? | 22.5.20

Can You Talk About Betrayal, Deception & Lying? | 22.5.20

Q&A Summary In English | 22.5.20

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