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Q&A Session | 26.7.20

Introduction On The Importance of Qurbani | 26.7.20

If Someone Sends Qurbani From UK To India & Eid Is One Day Later, Will Qurbani Be Done? | 26.7.20

If Someone Sent Qurbani & Appointed A 3rd Wakeel, Do All 7 Names Need To Be Given? | 26.7.20

If Someone Is Wealthy But Only Performs A Small Qurbani, Will They Be Sinful? | 26.7.20

Is It O.K To Store Qurbani Meat For A Long Time & How Should It Be Distributed? | 26.7.20

If A 17 Year Old Has Enough Money For Qurbani, Can Parents Pay On His Behalf? | 26.7.20

If I Do Qurbani On Behalf Of My Son Who Works, Do I Take Money From Him? | 26.7.20

If I Am Short Of Names When Giving Qurbani, What Do I Do? | 26.7.20

What Do We Do About Eid Namaz During Lockdown In India? | 26.7.20

If Eid & Jumuah Fall On The Same Day, Then Can We Pray Zuhr Instead Of Jumuah? | 26.7.20

I Have 3 Qadha Fast Remaining, What Intention Do I Make When Fasting In Zul Hijjah? | 26.7.20

Are Prophets Alive In Their Graves? | 26.7.20

Can We Read Namaz Behind Someone Who Follows A Different School Of Thought? | 26.7.20

Does Talaq Come Into Effect In The State Of Junoon? What Are Characteristics Of Junoon? | 26.7.20

If Zakat Is Fardh Upon The Wife, Can The Husband Do Qurbani On Her Behalf? | 26.7.20

Will Hazrat Continue With Reading Jami Us Siyar? | 26.7.20

What Is FCPM? Is 1 Billion Durud For Shaykh Yusuf Motala R.A Not Showing Off? | 26.7.20

My Husband Has A Bad Temper, What Shall I Do? | 26.7.20

Which Books Can Shaykh Recommend For Jadeed Fiqhi Masaa’il? | 26.7.20

Can Eid Be Namaz Prayed At A Restaurant As The Masjid Is Very Far? | 26.7.20

I Have A Bad Habit Of Masturbation, Please Help! | 26.7.20

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