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Q&A Session | 31.5.20

If Someone Was To Give A Goat Of Sadaqa, Is The Shara’it The Same As Qurbani? | 31.5.20

After Lockdown If 50 People Were Allowed In The Masjid, Then What Do We Do? | 31.5.20

Someone Owes Me Money But Hasn’t Paid Me Yet, Do I Need To Give Zakat On It? | 31.5.20

Zakat Me Sai Kisi Ko Koi Cheese De Sakte Hai? | 31.5.20

I Don’t Trust My Wife, Should I Confront Her? | 31.5.20

Is There Any Limit On Sending Isaale Sawab For My Deceased Father? | 31.5.20

Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlawi R.A Nai Kuch Likha Hai, Sahi Hai? | 31.5.20

Is There Any Surah That Can Be Prayed For Purification Of The Nafs? | 31.5.20

Magrib Ke Baad Hum Nafil Parten Hai, Kis Hadith Me Hai? | 31.5.20

Is Keeping The Name Unays And Zakariyya OK? | 31.5.20

Can I Be Taught Arabic Grammar From A Non – Alim? | 31.5.20

Why Do We Lift Our Finger When Reading Tashahhud? | 31.5.20

In A Dream I Was Told To Read Al Wadudu, What Does This Mean? | 31.5.20

Q&A Summary In English | 31.5.20

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