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Q&A Session | 7.7.20

Can Zakat Funds Be Given Towards Bank Transaction Charges? | 7.7.20

If Someone Performs Wajib Qurbani On Your Behalf Without You Knowledge, Is Qurbani Valid? | 7.7.20

In This Day & Age, Why Do People Not Want To Marry Someone Wearing Hijab Or A Beard? | 7.7.20

Why Isn’t The Quran In The Chronological Order It Was Revealed? | 7.7.20

What Is The Difference Between Fuqaha & Muftiyane Kiraam? | 7.7.20


Does Namaz Break If You Move Around To Save Your Child From Falling? | 7.7.20

Is Inaayah A Suitable Name For A Girl? | 7.7.20

Does Ones Name Have To Be Given At Qurbani Time, What About Time of Slaughter? | 7.7.20

Missed Zakat Of 8 Years, Can I Pay In Installments? | 7.7.20

Why Do Hindus Say Allah When They Dont Believe In Him? | 7.7.20

One Person Came To Hazrat Shaykh R.A & Received Khilafat Straight Away, Who Was He? | 7.7.20

Can You Tell Me About Hazrat Wahshi R.A? | 7.7.20

Can You Tell Us Something About Hazrat Murshid – E – Alam Pir Gulam Habib Sahib R.A? | 7.7.20

Q&A Summary In English | 7.7.20

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