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Q&A Session | 9.8.20

I Find It Difficult To Keep Wudhu From Fajr Until Ishraq, What Should I Do? | 9.8.20

When Making Dua, Can We Join Both Hands Like Begging Forgiveness From Someone? | 9.8.20

Is It Sinful To Break Your Namaz Without Any Genuine Reason? | 9.8.20

Is There Any Recommended Dua For A Newborn & Also During Tahneek? | 9.8.20

A Husband Has Sent His Wife Back Home Without Giving Divorce, Is There Any Wazeefa? | 9.8.20

Are Women Allowed To Do Bina Of Salah? | 9.8.20

Please Shed Some Guidance Around The Husband Backbiting His Wife’s Family? | 9.8.20

Is It Haram For Ladies To Cut Their Hair? | 9.8.20

Is There A Hadith Where The Prophet S.A.W Said That A Muslim May Commit Zina & Steal? | 9.8.20

Is There Any Zakat On A Rented House Or A Restuarant I Own? | 9.8.20

I Had A Dream Regarding The Prophet S.A.W, What Does It Mean? | 9.8.20

Some People Accuse Syeds Of Their Lineage, Please Kindly Explain? | 9.8.20

Is It Established From Quran & Sunnah To Do Tathleeth In Qurbani? | 9.8.20

Is Kosher Gelatine Permissible? | 9.8.20

Can We Accept Qurbani Meat From A Qadiani? | 9.8.20

In Nashrut Teeb, Why Did Hazrat Thanvi R.A Say Poems Should Be Omitted If Read To Women? | 9.8.20

Who Are The Salafis, What Are Their Beliefs & Origins? | 9.8.20

How Can We Clear Misconceptions Regarding Polygamy? | 9.8.20

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