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Qasida Burda – Briefly and Beautifully Explained in Urdu

Qasida Burda – Briefly and Beautifully Explained in Urdu

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  1. Mohammed

    Please can we have it in English. Its ashame most things are in urdu and young children and even young adults that do not speak urdu just miss out on things from this website. As a trusted website and with a successfull institution for Hanafi Muslims, for us that are in university its very hard to stay on the Hanafi madhab without feeling alone. Please can we have this in english and other lectures and videos.

    AR: Inshallah we will try our best to put more English on, as for qaseeda burdah it might take some time b4 we can get around to do it again, in english.
    Jazakallah for posting ur concern, may Allah keep us all steadfast upon sirate mustaqeem.

  2. Abdullah

    A rough transcript of the lecture.

    The Seerah of the Prophet (saw) is such that the soul of the believer becomes alive just by listening to it. By reciting Naat’s and listening to them, the love of the Prophet is increased.

    ‘We have not sent you except as a Mercy to the world’ ‘Indeed we have sent you as a witness and a giver of glad tidings and a warner…’. ‘Indeed we have given you Kauther (abundance)’ In all the verses that were recited the praise of Rasullah is mentioned. He was a Mercy to the worlds, Allah opened up his heart, etc.

    The Sahabah understood the high position of Rasulullah SAW. They would recite poems. Good poems should be recited, bad poems should not. Poems are like speech, good and bad. Say good poems, avoid bad ones. Our condition is like a community in drought, dying of thirst and in dire need of every drop of water; People have been deprived of the love of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, they are dying without iman. Where can we go besides to Rasulullah SAW.

    Rasullulah liked a good poem, he did not show any dislike for a good poem, Ka’b ibn zuhair said ‘Rasul is such a Light that the whole world gains light from him’. the sahabi was afraid as he had said bad poems against him before becoming muslim, he was scared. Rasullulah told him not to worry.

    Rasulullah SAW told Hassan bin thabit to defend him via his poems, so he would do Heju against the Kuffar.

    Abdullah ibn Rawaha’s wife was difficult. once he went to his bandi, and fulfilled his desire. She caught him out, and got angry ready to attack him. He said look can i pray Quran in the state of Janabat? she said, no. He recited some poems in Rasullulahs praise, she thought he was reading Quran and his life was saved. He mentioned this to Rasulluah SAW the next day. He did not disapprove of his praising Rasullulah SAW. Rather he smiled at the way he managed to save himself.

    The author of qaseeda burda, Allamah Busairi became hafiz by 13 years, then he became an Alim, he loved poetry. A natural poet says very good poems, as he was a natural poet, the king liked him, he used to stay with the king, and say poems. He left this later and went to Baitul Maqdis. then to Iskandariyya (Alexandria). He wrote many poems.

    He then had a stroke, movement restricted, crying to Allah. He felt that there is only one way, to ask Allah through the waseela of Rasullulah SAW. So he remembered places of madina and makka first in qaseeda burda and then he said some verses of repentance. Then asked Allah via Rasullulah SAW wasilah in the end.

    He composed this in private, lying in his bed, nobody knew about it. When he completed the poem he saw Rasullulah SAW in a dream, he read the poem to him. Rasullulah SAW appreciated it. Then Rasullulah SAW placed a sheet on him. He totally recovered.

    He was going out for namaaz. A pious person said to him, recite the poem to me, he said which poem i have many poems. He said the one you recited to Rasullah SAW, i was also present there. He was shocked. This meeting of the souls is a reality, if a person doesn’t experience it, he should not dismiss it. There is a story of hazrat Ali seeing Rasullulah SAW giving dates to him in a dream, Umar RA mentioned this to him (meeting of the souls proof).

    1. Your eyes cry tears mixed with blood. Is this in rememberance of Zi Salam? (near makkah) Or has some cool breeze come from Kadhimah? (Near madinah). He is asking himself why are you crying? don’t cry, and you keep crying. You tell your heart stop crying, and it cries more. A lover thinks his love can be hidden, it cannot. This is love, if there wasnt love, you wouldn’t loose sleep in remembering these places. You are a person in deep love. … You advised me much, do not fall in love, but a lover listens to nobody. This love is the love of Rasullulah, the places connected to Rasullulah SAW etc.

    In your youth you made many mistakes, repent from these mistakes. Go against the lower self and Shaitaan and never listen to them when they advise you.

    How can I tell you to do good, when I have not done any good myself. I have not done any nafl/extra. I have only done the Fardh. I have done injustice the Sunnah of that messenger who would stand so long in prayer at night his feet swelled up. Who Didn’t have much to eat.

    Muhammad is the leader of all the men and jinn in the universe. Leader of the Arab and the Ajam. He is Such beloved that Allah give him the title of ‘the beloved of Allah’. If he interceeds Allah accepts it. Rasullulah is at the forefront of all the messengers, in looks and in knowledge also. From Rasullulah SAW the other messengers take benifet.

    Mowlana Qasim Nanotwi’s poem.. . All the prophets benifiting from the light of Rasullulah. Allah made him Habeeb.

    The christians made ISA (a.s.) God or the son of God. Do not do this! but praise him as much as you want besides this. The virtues and high position of Rasullulah cannot be reached, no matter how much you praise him.

    According to the limit of our knowledge he is a man, yet he is the best of all creation. All grace and virtues of the messengers are from the light of Rasullulah SAW. He is the sun, they are the stars. The real light is of the sun, the stars take their light from the sun, so do the prophets take their’s from Rasullulah SAW.

    Huzoor’s birth tells us how high his position is. The night He was born the fire that was burning in the palace of kisra for many years, went out and the pillers fell. The Jinn also started telling there friends amongst the men, that Ahmad AS has been born. People didn’t understand. A jew came and asked the Quraish, has someone been born? Yes, at abdulmuttalib’s house. He said nabuwwah has gone to the children of Ismail now.

    Even the trees moved towards him by his calling them. His miracle that the trees even come to him, they even listen to him.

    The clouds would follow him and shade him. Masjidul Gamamah; It was hot and he was sitting at one place with the sahaba, the clouds came to shade him so a masjid was constructed at that place later on and named the masjid of shade/ghamama. The kuffar couldnt see him in cave thowr, Allah blinded them from seeing him.

    Some verses on Wahi/revelation. Wahi came to Rasullulah, it is from Allah, cannot be gained by effort. His miracle of the Quran is different from the miracles of other prophets. Their miracles went with them upon their demise, whereas his remains with us even today. These verses are so enlightening.

    Rasullulah wiped his hand over someone and they recovered. Rasullulah recovered someone’s eye that had come out in a battle. It was his better eye even in the sahabi’s old age. A Sahabi fell and broke his leg in a battle, Rasullulah SAW wiped his blessed hand over it, he recovered.

    Rasullulah cured many from the effects of Jinn etc. A child was afflicted Rasullulah SAW prayed over him and he was cured. People were crying for rain, Rasullulah made Dua the clouds came and it rained instantly.

    Me’raj. O that Being that beggers go to whose courtyard; Your house is the best place to go for them.

    Your quality is such you reached from makkah to Aqsa in one night, you sat on Buraq and escalated so far that nobody can go, sidratul muntaha. No Prophet reached where you reached.

    (O writer!) Your best hope is Rasullulah SAW, why? As Allah called him the best of Rusul so are we the best of Ummats.

    Sahabah and their qualities are mentioned in verses.. Sahabah were with Rasullulah so they should be brave, in the battlefield the bravest sahabah were those close to Rasullulah SAW as he was the bravest of everyone.

    Saying poems for kings etc, Allah forgive me. I have regret for my young childish ways, I have destroyed myself.. Who ever sells his hereafter for the world he has lost out.

    If i commit a sin, i am still connected to Rasullulah SAW, My name is also Muhammad, so this is a special connection that Rasullah SAW values.

    It is not possible that someone has hopes from Rasullulah SAW, and they are not fulfilled i hope on the day of Qiyamah, Rasullulah SAW is happy with me and helps me.

    O the best of mankind! I only have you in very hard and difficult times. I am asking for your protection, protect me. O Rasullulah SAW your position will not be reduced, you will cover many people from Allah’s anger in Qiyamah, cover me in your blanket of protection on that day.

    Ya Rasulallah! I have no one, besides you, to whom I can turn at times of huge calamities. (ie. From among the creation) You are my best hope; Because from your benevolence is this dunya and the aakhirah, and part of your knowledge is the knowledge of the tablet and the pen.

    (ie.If Rasullulah wasn’t to be, Allah would not have created anything and he is the most knowledgable person in the whole creation. The meaning of Such beautiful verses is correct. These 2 poems are disliked by some, they call it shirk. We should take the good meaning from them. Busairi was in imam Nawawi’s time, so many great Alims have written commentries on this poem. They understood it better; no one called busayri a mushrik. A poet sometimes goes far in his thought and says such verses, take the good meaning from them, as we have explained in brackets.)

    I repent to Allah, O Allah i have many hopes from You, fulfill my hopes. Have mercy on this sinful person in this world and in the next. And send a cloud of Salaat and Salaam to continuously rain on Rasullah SAW’s Rawdha, and on his family and his Sahabah. Until Qiyamat send Mercy on Rasullulah SAW and his family etc.

    O Allah! Give us all the true love of Rasullulah SAW. Ameen.


    Very very nice & very benifit for all Muslims.
    May Allah give you a Jazae Khair, Ameen.

    Ameen. Jazakallah to you for listening. May Allah give us all the true love of rasulullah sallallahu allayhi wasallam.

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