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Ramadhaan is the month of…

Ramadhaan is a month of remembering Allah subhanu wata’ala, turning towards him, repenting from past sins, major and minor, making a firm resolution never to lead a sinful life in future.

Ramadhaan is month of remembering the poor and destitute among the society, a time to think of those poor souls who could barely manage a loaf of bread. We will have plenty of food at Iftar but their iftar never comes. Bishr Haafi, a great buzrug, was once lying in the masjid, it was cold, he had blanket by his side but he was shivering, someone asked him ‘why don’t you cover yourself with the blanket?’ He replied ‘Many poor people are shivering in the cold, I don’t have enough money to buy them warm clothing, the least I can do is shiver a little bit so I can feel for them and maybe pray for them’.

Ramadhaan is a month of patience, especially this year and the next few years. Especially for those who smoke as they will feel the crave but they will have to resist. It’s a good time to give up this bad habit.

Ramadhaan is full of Noor, the Noor of the day is due to the fasting and it is different from the Noor of the night which is due to taraweeh and recitation of the Qur’an. A mu’min should take his fare share of both Noors.

Hadith: ‘Whosoever fasts during Ramadhaan with Iman and hope of reward, will have his past sins forgiven and whosoever stands up at night in Ramadhaan with belief and conviction will have his sins forgiven’

Hadith: ‘Every good deed of the son of Adam is multiplied, one hasana by tenfolds and upto 700 times, Allah says ‘ Except for Sawm, as it is for me and I will personally give it’s reward, he/she leaves food and shahwat for my sake’ For the fasting person there are two joys, one when he/she opens the fast and the other when they meet their Lord’

Hadith: Ramadhaan has come upon you,it is a great blessed month, In it is a night better than a thousand months, whosoever is deprived of it, is deprived of all good,

Hadith: A great month has come upon you, Allah covers you in it, He sends down His mercy, and wipes out the sins, and he accepts the duas, Allah looks at your competing with one another then He boasts over the angles, so, show Allah your good deeds, because a shaqiy (wretched) is he/she who is deprived of the mercy of Allah even in this month’

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