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Value of time

In the smallest Surah of Quran, Allah takes and oath on time and says:

“By the time! Man is loosing out! Except for people who (do 4 things)
1, believe properly,
2, do good deeds,
3, encourage one another to do good, and
4, encourage one another to be patient”

This Qasam shows the value of time! Because Allah only takes Qasam of precious things. If we don’t cherish time, we are loosing out.

Hadith says “There are 2 blessings of Allah regarding which people are loosing out 1, good health (by not taking care of it) and 2, free time (by wasting it)

Hadith says “This dunya is like a farming field for the Aakhirah” ie. we sow the seeds here and reap the rewards in Aakhirah. So don’t waste time. Keep busy in planting the seeds of good deeds!

Hasan Basri rahmatullahi alayhi says: “Son of Adam! You are but the name of days. Each day that passes in your life, you have passed”

Mawlana Umar Palanpuri rahmatullahi alayhi used to say “Wasting time is like committing suicide. The only difference is that, in suicide people realise the death, whereas in wasting time people fail to realise it”

Umar Ibn Abdilaziz rahmatullahi alayhi used to say :”The day and night are working on you, So work in them”

Abdullah Ibn Masud radiallahu anhu said :” I don’t regret upon anything as much as I regret on the day in which the sun sets and while my life has decreased, my Amal does not increase”

Hadith says :”Everyday, when the sun rises, it makes an announcement “Son of Adam! Do what you can in this day because It will never be returning to you”

When Ramadhan starts an announcement is made “O seeker of good! Proceed! and O seeker of evil! Stop!”

Allah Subhanahu wa ta’aala, in a hadith Qudsi says :” Son of Adam! I have created you for my worship, so don’t mess around! And I have destined your Rizq for you, so don’t tire yourself! Look for Me and you will gain Me. If you gain Me you have gained everything. If you loose Me you have lost everything and I am better for you than everything”

Another Hadith Qudsi says :” Son of Adam! Take time out for my worship and I will fill your heart with richness and I will remove your poverty whereas if you don’t do so, I will fill hands with busy schedules and I won’t remove your neediness”

May Allah give us ability to utilise time to it’s full potential. Ameen

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