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Why are we sleeping??

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A mobile phone is quite an invention. It has revolutionised our era today.

You can be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but still be able to call for help, regardless of where you are. The mobile phone is an excellent companion. So why has the technology been so slow?

Since the creation of man, there has been a system, a billion times more efficient than the mobile. Forget compact, it is so unique; you don’t even have to hold it. It never comes across an engaged tone. It is also a hundred percent reliable. As with every good offer, there is a catch; you can only call one person!

So what is this amazing system that has managed to escape the attention of all the scientist’s???

DUA (Supplication, Prayer, Begging from the Almighty) ”

We take Dua for granted, as though we have to pay for it. It’s not like that. The minute “O my Lord” appears on our lips, He listens to us. He waits for us to turn to Him. There are no queues, neither are you ignored.

Hadhrat Sufyaan-ibn-e-Uyayna, said, “Almighty Allah answered the most evil of creation, “Satan.” when he asked “O my Lord! Give me respite until the day they are resurrected”. He replied: “You are from those who have been given respite”

You can ask for something from a human being, they’ll give you once, twice, thrice, then they’ll get fed up of you, whereas Almighty Allah does not get fed up, He does not like it when you DON’T ask of him! One Hadith states “Who does not ask from Allah, Allah gets angry with him”

In the Quran, Almighty Allah states,

“Call me and I shall respond to your call”

Then Why O Why do people sit with problems in a plate!!

“Dua” is a chance for us to speak to our Lord. It’s one-to-one…. speak His name and you shall see…..Power and Gift,

The only way of conversing…. Dua, Salaah, and Patience…..

When dua is answered, we can feel the acceptance…..

Also when it is not answered, it is not wasted either, it waits for us on the Day of Judgement and will come in the form of thawaab.

Dua benefits in problems which have descended, as well as in problems which are anticipated”

Dua is a form of worship, in fact it is the core of worship.

Dua is so powerful that it is the only thing that can change the taqdeer, (what Allah has decided).

Everything is written from Allah Almighty, so why not turn to him? That is the ideal thing to do. When you walk towards Allah Almighty, he runs towards you.

Trust develops from dua. We should strive to make Dua. We should get rid of the snap-shot mentality….

Almighty Allah states:

“I am exactly how my servant thinks of me”

Always ask from your heart! Don’t let it be that you are making empty worded prayers, with no concentration on what you’re saying.

Ask in any language; the Creator knows all languages of His creation.

RAMADHAN is coming! Make a habit of lengthy duas!!

Just don’t ask for any sin or any severing of relations or anything stupid.

“Those who need to ask are asleep, so what is the fault of the giver?”…


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