The Official Site of Shaykh Abdul Raheem (hafizahullah)

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  1. nabil

    MashAllah i love this site. Molana Abdur Raheem Saabe come to our Dar Oolum in Palmela and talk to us in a itikaf ihe is a big molana i like him very much Salaam Molana And every people. Im Nabil. the one that i have half siparah form the first

  2. yunuss

    salams im here in brasil with jammat for 2 months and molvi yamani show me your website allaah acept.
    I hope to pass all my sattis in mozambique.
    Very nice way to make zikr.

  3. Adam

    MashAllah i love this site also. Shaykh came to a Spiritual Retreat event in Leicester. Allhumdullialh, we are blesed with many great ulamaa here, but, I was amazed by the knowledge and insights conveyed. May Allah bless you with a ‘lambi umr’. ameen

  4. Zahir

    Assalamualykum, this zikr is amazing and very uplifting,mashallah, has anybody here taken bay’at with sheikh abdur raheem.

  5. Ashfaq

    Salaam Hazrat Shaykh, Zahir, Haj and others
    mashallah to Hazrat, he is seriously benefitting the ummah like no mans business (excuse the slang!)…he has been coming to Masjid e Quba (Stamford Hill, London) in Ramadan for the last 10 days for 2/3 years now.
    All the bayans and zikr sessions were recorded and put in mp3 format and on sale as well. Contact the masjid via their website inshallah and see if you can arrange something with them.
    I endeavour (like many others) we have many more enlightening Ramadans with Hazrat, inshallah.

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